In order to create a predictable set of MQTT data Foundry has the ability to run simulated data from a CSV file.

It is important to note that the simulator runs by sending MQTT messages so the make sure that the device you are running the simulator on has an MQTT Topic.

In row one of the CSV file you'll list the names of the attributes. These name will correspond to the JSON attribute name. In subsequent row, you'll add the values for these attributes. You may not have any columns for which there is no data (all columns in the CSV must contain data for however many rows are in the file).

For Example, this CSV file:

Will create a message for each row that looks like this:

Running the Simulator

Once you've created the CSV file, navigate to the Object Detail page and select the simulator tab (if the simulator tab is not present you'll need to go to the preferences page and turn it on)

Click the "Add CSV" button

Here you'll upload your CSV file, select the interval that you wish to publish the message and the unit of time (every second, minute, hour).

Starting the Simulator

To Start the simulator, press "Play"

Important: you'll need to keep this window open,if you navigate away from his window you'll need to restart the simulator