By uploading a CSV file to Foundry you can easily upload bulk amounts of devices. This guide will walk you the through the process of how you should format your CSV file as well as how you can upload the file from the Devices page. 

IMPORTANT: With the CSV import you can upload devices of only ONE type at a time.

 Constructing Your CSV File

  1. Navigate to your Device Type Manager page and select the device type of the devices you are planning on uploading. 
  2. In the upper right-hand corner select the button "Download Fields" which will download a CSV file name [Object Type Name].csv (so in this case Test.csv).
  3. Once downloaded open up the CSV file in Excel or a similar software. The file should look something like the image below. Where the typeId is in the first row, the Field Names in the second row, and the JSON keys in the third row. 
  4. If you look closely at the CSV you'll notice that neither deviceId or accountId is included. This is because the import process automatically generates the deviceId and uses the accountId from the account you are uploading from for these fields. However, if you would like to specify your own for these fields you can add columns in the third row with values "deviceId" or "accountId" as seen in the image below.
  5. Copy your data into their corresponding columns and save the file as a .CSV

  6. Once, you have saved your CSV (If it is not a .csv file then the upload service will not work) file navigate to Foundry's Object Hierarchy which can be found at the URL https://[ENV].thinglogix.com/#!/devices where [ENV] is either dev, qa, or prod. 

  7. In the upper right click the "Upload .CSV" button and select the file you edited in the previous steps. You'll now when all devices have been uploaded once the "Uploaded #/#" disappears.