This article will go over how to manually create devices in AWS IoT so that you can begin connecting your devices to Foundry.

Prerequisite: Foundry is already installed in your AWS Account.


  1. Log into your AWS and navigate to the service IoT Core.
  2. Using the side menu in IoT Core navigate to Manage > Things.
  3. Click Create in the upper right.
  4. Select to Create a Single Thing.
  5. Give the device a name and continue on to step 2 by clicking next.
  6. In step 2 choose to Create a New certificate.
  7. After the certificate is created download ALL the certificates and keys and be sure to activate the certificate. After downloading everything continue forward by clicking Attach Policy.
  8.  Select the policy cognito-auth or create a new policy the select Register Thing.
  9. If you see the newly created device in AWS IoT's Thing's list then you know you have created added the Thing correctly.
  10. To connect your device to AWS IoT use the certificates you just downloaded to connect to your IoT Endpoint on your device and begin sending up payloads. Your AWS IoT Endpoint can be located by navigating to the IoT Core Settings. You can confirm that you have set everything up correctly by subscribing to the # in Foundry's MQTT broker and you see the messages coming though.