Creating QR codes for an Object

The attached lambda code (fndy-create-qrcode-prod) will:

  • Create a QR code
  • Save it to an specified S3 Bucket
  • Set an attribute on the device called "qr_code" to the path of QR code in the S3 Bucket

Create The lambda Function

  • Node.js 8.10
  • Role: LambdaFunctionRole
  • set the timeout to 1 minutes
  • Required Environment variables “ENV”

    ENV = dev | prod | stage

Sample Payload

  "body": {
    "deviceId": "3bb66330-b79c-11e8-b89d-3b0f0cc2c214",
    "attribute": "",
    "bucket": "ZestImageBucket"

  • deviceId = the device that you want to create an QR code
  • attribute - the name of the attribute that you want to include as part of the data encoded into the QR code
  • bucket - name of the S3 bucket where the QR code will be stored

Structure of link to QRcode

The filename with QR-code uses: 

“<uuid>.<extension>”, example:  00b4f168-2b2c-11e8-9906-2aaa7fc2b41d.png

Inside the bucket, the image is placed in the directory “<Environment>-QRCode”, example:  dev-QRCode

Example attribute "a.qr_code" and link QRCode in device


  • The Lambda function will generate a QR code, and save it in the designated buck
  • it will populate an attribute called "qr_code" with the URL to the S3 Bucket
  • Normally would be executed on "insert" of the object
  • also, might want to make the "icon_image" field a formula field that copies the "qr_code" field, so the QR code appears on the detail page.

Printing the QR Codes

The second lambda function can be used to create a PDF of all the QR codes so that you can print them out on 8.5x11 sheet of paper six per page (

Since you'd typically only run this one time, you can install the Lambda and then just run it from the Test configuration of the Lamba

Sample Payload

  "body": {
    "bucket": "foundry-qr-codes-hammermillstorage",
    "path": "prod-QRCode/"

Bucket  - the name of the S3 bucket where the QR codes are located

path - the name of the S3 bucket with in the "bucket" where codes are located

Link to Lambda to create QR codes

This is the link to the Lambda Function use to print the QR codes