Workflow Manger is the ability to set a series of Global Actions into a logical grouping, and the have the ability to execute this series of actions.

Adding Workflow Manager to Foundry

The workflow manager can be added to the menu items Settings -> Pages. Set Type = "Default URL" and then select the "/workflowManager"

Creating a workflow

Since a "workflow" is a collection of standard Foundry Global Action, you must first create any number of Global Actions, MQTT Publish, HTTP Callout or custom Lambda Function Global actions

Navigate to the Workflow Manager to create a new Workflow

Clicking the "Add Action" button allow the user to select from the available global actions

Add as many Foundry Actions as desired. You can "drag and drop" workflows to rearrange their order

In the upper right corner there are two options available for executing the Workflow:

  1. Execute Asynchronously = if this button is check when the workflow is invoked all of the action in the workflow will execute without regards to whether or not the pervious action completed successfully or not. If this button is UNCHECK, then all action will execute in the order they are sequenced within the Workflow
  2. Stop On Failure - if this button really only pertains to Workflows that are Executed Synchronously. If checked then once an action fails it will not proceed to the next actions 

Executing a Workflow

Worflows can be instantiated just like a regular Global Action.

  1. From a Search Result set

  2. As a Formula Field on an Object Type as an "on insert" function

  3. As part of a Conditional formula

Monitoring and Testing a Workflow

If you open the Workflow Manager, select your specific workflow and then click the "Logs" button can see the results and any errors that occur when the workflow is running