Foundry Releases

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3.3.0 - 08/05/19

New + Improved

  • Single Sign On (SSO) with Salesforce functionality
  • Ability to keep Salesforce and Foundry instances in sync, with Salesforce Sync
  • Ability to create Foundry user secrets for access to the API 
  • New Object Search: large performance improvements
  • Switched formulas to SNS for performance improvements


  • Synchronization to root account bug fixes 
  • Export object history bug fixes 
  • Form-to-MQTT bug fixes 

3.2.0 - 05/15/2019

QA Information:

Updating from < 3.2.0

In order to update to the newest version you need to update with the latest template, and also change your Parent Api Endpoint to: 

New + Improved

  • Kinesis streams removed from architecture, providing a cheaper and more efficient Foundry!
  • Account ACLs are inherited to children accounts 
  • All Lambda code updated to latest and greatest version of NodeJS
  • CloudFormation install times are less than 10 mins
  • CloudFormation update times are less than 5 mins
  • Add storage for OAuth tokens to any service


  • All print line statements removed from code base, reducing CloudWatch log storage 
  • Fixed bug where deleted user could still view accounts and users
  • Fixed bug where initial pages and tab configurations weren't installing in instance on CloudFormation install
  • Fixed device API so that MQTT topics and deviceIds are pre-populated