Surveys are a method of collecting information from employees or guests. Surveys can be scheduled or initiated through texting a start word to your assigned number. Each Workwatch account is provisioned with the Workwatch default Covid symptom survey. 

The Survey Manager is where you can create new surveys and edit existing one. It is located at

To create a survey:

Select Surveys from the left hand navigation

Click the Create Survey button

Give the Survey a Name and Choose Create Survey Question

A Create Survey Question Modal will pop up.

Question Text: The verbiage of the question you would like sent to people

Question Type: Various types of answer validations are supported for each question

  • Yes or No
  • Number
  • Date
  • Time
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Month
  • Day of the Week
  • US State
  • Country
  • City
  • Currency
  • Language
  • Number Sequence
  • Custom

Scoring Operator is used to determine if the answer indicates a pass or fail on the question. This attribute is used in conjunction with the Scoring Value. 

  • Equals
  • Equals or Greater Than
  • Equals or Less Than
  • Greater Than
  • Less Than

Scoring Value: This is the correct value of the question. 

Use Question for Health Check Grading: This attribute indicates that the question is used to determine if a pass will be granted. 

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